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Re: The algae is back, what am I doing wrong?

I am pretty new at all this, so I know I am probably making a mistake 
somewhere, but can't figure out what it is.  I started this planted tank in 
Feb. I recently took out all my plants and gave them the bleach treatment (19 
parts water, one part bleach, a soak for three minutes, then a soak in 
dechlorinated water for longer, then a final rinse).  This was successful, 
though it appears Amazon swords don't like this treatment -- they have 
several leaves that are skeletonizing (new verb for planted tank world). :o)

Anyway, I was pretty happy with that day's work because it also gave me a 
chance to re-landscape to correct some of my first mistakes in design.  I 
have been working at keeping my CO2 very high with DIY CO2.  Some mornings I 
have had to do water changes because the fish were gasping.  Currently my pH 
is 6.8 and my kH is 6, making for a CO2 level of 28 according to the charts.

Other stats:
*25-30% weekly water changes
*quit feeding as often
*38 gallons, 110 watts CF
*No SAEs or Amano shrimp available in my area.  I have three CAEs
*No pearling to speak of, things are growing but not like they used to
*I am supplementing with Kents blue bottle, Flourite substrate, with Flourish 
*Nitrates test 0, but it is one of those color kits -- the next color would 
be 12, so it   could be in between
*I have also put in a half teaspoon of stump remover a couple of times
*Leaves on the sag. are rotting off, and I don't see new growth

Now I can see the algae starting to form again, the black furry stuff on the 
edge of the leaves.  I don't want to have to bleach the plants every two 
months -- it was a lot of work.  Even if it did kill the algae, it is 
obviously hard on the plants.  Does anything I've written give you a clue as 
to what I might be overlooking?  I am determined to get to a point where all 
I have to do is scrape a little green spot off,  but I'll be darned if I can 
figure out how to get to that point.