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Loss of CO2....

I have an overflow with a sump and am experiencing significant loss of CO2
(almost 100% ?!?!?!?). With CO2 @ 5bpm in a 55g with almost all getting
dissolved, I still read a pH of around 7.4-7.6 with a GH of 3.5dkH.

When I turn off the powerhead in the sump and kill the circulation, CO2 will
rise dramatically, but then I get a surface with thousands of bubbles (the
pearling ends up on the top... looks like a betta's nest), and the tank gets
slightly cloudy (and I get more mulm.

The powerhead I have is a Hagen 802 (~400 gph at 0 head, current head is ~4'
so I don't know the exact flow). I was thinking of getting a smaller
powerhead to reduce the AMOUNT of flow through the skimmer. Anyone know/have
a smaller powerhead that'll do this job?

Any suggestions to eliminate the loss with an overflow? The overflow is a 1"
PVC (hole is bottom of tank, water drops straight down into the sump).

I really like the clear surface that I get with the skimmer/overflow.


- Jeff