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Re:freaked out over shrimp!

Hello fellow fish keepers!  I know that you won't mind this slightly strange 
post.  About four or five months ago, I bought four of those amano shrimp to 
put in my planted 38.  These are not ghost shrimp, but the fancy, somewhat 
expensive algae eating sort.  I decided to quarantine them because I am 
paranoid about disease.  Well, all but one quickly died of unknown cause.  I 
dropped the remaining shrimp in the 38.  When I didn't see him anywhere for a 
couple of months I thought he was dead.  Then two weeks ago, I saw a HUGE 
molted shell on top of the driftwood log. It was eaten within hours by 
snails, so I knew he must have left it the previous night.  Last night I saw 
a weird looking projection on my log just at lights out.  I thought, hey I've 
never seen that before, is my log falling apart?  Then it moved it's 
antennae!!  It was my shrimp!!  He was HUGE, and dark chocolate brown with a 
mahogany tail.  He looked almost as big as a crawdad.  Now every single 
picture in books and on the net has these shrimp sort of clearish gray with a 
couple of teensy maroon spots, sort of the same color as ghost shrimp.  How 
come he turned brown?  He perfectly matches the log and lives in a crack in 
it, coming out at night to eat algae.  Anyway, rejoice with me, my shrimp 
lives!!  Thanks Teresa.