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"The American Dream"

There's no need to get nasty, someone just's having a little poke of fun.
Lighten up. Everyone's got their own dream.


Ed wrote:

>  I'm going to bulldoze the plants and
> pave it with underwater-setting concrete, then build a
> gated community of luxury homes, and a strip mall to
> service it (with no sidewalks or pedestrian
> facilities).

Keep this kind of silly crap off the list Ed!  This is not the place or
for air heads like yourself to express how ignorant they are!  If you want
to discuss this kind of thing start your own list.

I for one could open a hole can of worms telling everyone how idiots like
yourself are killing the "American Dream" because they use emotions rather
then facts to run their brain.  But I will keep my comments to myself and
take in a deep breath.

Sorry everyone but I think this subject should stay off the list or it will
consume us for a month.

Dave Berryman