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A couple of points

Greetings plant folks.  Please remember:

Posts to the APD that are written in HTML or sent as attachments are 
trashed.  The software is configured to reject all such incoming email; 
it gets bounced to me and I bounce it to File 13.

Re-directing private replies to the list really shouldn't happen.  People 
need to speak for themselves and if they're unable to (not subscribed to 
the list or unable to figure out how to post) they don't have a voice here.
Obviously there are exceptions such as posting informational replies from 
suppliers, etc., that are pertinent, e.g., "SeaChem sent the following in 
response to my question about the chemical makeup of X product:"

Email to the APD must originate from the address from which you're 
subscribed.  See paragraph #1 for an explanation of what happens to your 
email when you post from a non-subscribed address.

Thanks :)

APD ListMom