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Re: substrates/water column dosing

> My personal theory is that mulm creates enough surface
> area for nutrient exchange that other substrate
> additions like laterite and soil are not necessary
> given that sufficient iron is added to the water
> column.  For a beginner I would tell them to save
> their 20-40 dollars and put it towards CO2.

I would too.

> But, of
> course, I am willing to be educated.

I felt that way using RFUG's and no laterite in almost all of my tanks for
many years. I tried flourite and my plants look much better and I have
little problem keeping any plant in very nice health. I've had a long time
to consider/observe it and see the difference in the plants. You can do
water column fertilization with very good results, BUT why not have both
methods of supplimentation?
Try it and see for yourself. Then you'll know.
If you have lower lighting levels the mulm will work but it will hit more
and more bumps as you increase the lighting. You'll get good at water dosing
but if you combine that with good substrate dosing then you've got 2x the
benefits. You can do either method very well but both together work best.
Tom Barr 
> Arthur