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Re: Tanks surviving in Arizona

Jason F. Smith wrote:

1. Are there any further updates/improvements regarding the
plenum/Jaubert method in freshwater planted tanks?

I have a plenum in a freshwater planted 60 gallon that has been running for
about 2-3 years. Based on my experience with that tank, I think the plenum
is a mistake, and I am planning the removal of the plenum soon. A well
growing planted tank will use more ammonia/nitrates than the fish & fishfood
provides, assuming a normal fish load and relatively high input of CO2,
light and micro-nutrients. The plenum converts nitrate to nitrogen gas,
which is unusable by plants and which exits the tank. The plants ARE the
ammonia/nitrogen converter in a planted tank, and suffer from the
competition of a plenum, assuming the plants are ahead of the source.