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Re: Keeping the plants in the "corral"

> Subject: More aquascaping questions
> A couple questions raised by the aquascaping in this
> particular 
> setup...
> I've found sod forming plants like glosso and
> lileopsis to be rampant
> enough
> growers once they get going but keeping the runners
> from trailing 
> around the
> perimeter of the tank which can be a headache
> How do you go about edging the lawn.

Small rocks(petrified wood, small black washed/rounded etc work well) for
sections. Try adding riccia to these rocks and using the riccia stones as
dividers. Other plants make excellent dividing liners. Experiement. Thin
plastic acetate strips can be used as a "corral" and using that trowel
device that Amano uses to cut off all the escapees without uprooting the
areas you want planted helps also. It just takes some plain old fashioned
work. Weekly is fine. You don't need to do it every day or 4 times a week
etc. 1-2 times a week will yield very nice results.
Tom Barr