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Tanks surviving in Arizona

Hello everyone;
I'm a neophyte (pun intended) to the planted aquaria world and have been
holding back on asking this question, so as to not ask something obvious;
but I'm running out of time so here goes:
I'm moving to Phoenix soon and hope to rebuild (and improve) my tanks
there. However, for ecological and financial reasons, I'm reluctant to set
up something that requires large and/or frequent water changes. I've been
through the archives and have found some mention of low-water use tanks.
The posts by Aiken and others discussing plenums seem promising and I've
ordered Walstad's book.
My questions are:
	1. Are there any further updates/improvements regarding the
plenum/Jaubert method in freshwater planted tanks?
	2. Has anyone found success with other methods? (I'm assuming
Walstad has with at least one and I'm looking forward to reading about

And the question that instigated this post:

	How will these methods interact with the increased temperature that
I will most likely have in Arizona and does this higher temperature reduce
my options? The only high-temperature tanks I've seen are Discus tanks
which are described as requiring WAY too many water changes for my

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Jason F. Smith
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Department of Neurology
Temple University School of Medicine
3322 N. Broad St, Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19140