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PlantTrader's aquatic plant trading board

Alas....  Coolboard, the current host of the PlantTrader boards is
giving up on
the free service thing.  I don't know if they're gonna start charging
or what,
but regardless, THE BOARDS ARE MOVING to Aimoo.com.  It looks like
it's going
to be even nicer than coolboard.com was...  Check it out at:

And for those of you that may be completely unfamiliar with it, I
created these
boards so that people would have a spot to gather and trade plants.
There's no
reason why we should have to pay for plants when we all throw away
trimmings eventually.  Trimmings may be trash to some, but I filled
my 55gal
tank with plants that all grew from trimmings that someone gave to me
exchange for one tiny little plant that I had.  Anyway, the last
board didn't
quite do so well....  I'm disappointed because I know that there are
people that would like to trade plants.  I'm not going to be as
strict about
buying and selling plants.  I still don't want commercial entities to
messages.  I realize, however, that RobertH, Dwight, Dave G and
others are
hobbyists that may be interested in trading also, so I'm not going to
ban them
as long as they don't try to advertise.

In order to help get this new message board off the ground, I'm going
encourage anyone/everyone to put a link to the PlantTrader board in
their sig.
I have a feeling that the site just needs more exposure to be

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to make this new board

(Don't forget to check the old board one last time and to change your
bookmarks!  Coolboard is closing on June 29th)
Dave Engle
Jacksonville, NC
Check out the Aquatic Plant Trading Board at:
old PlantTrader board:

new PlantTrader board: