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Re: catfish question

I have had good luck with bristle nose pleco's. I currently have two and
wish I had purchased more when they were available. They are sweethearts.
They work the driftwood and rocks, doing a good job of removing the algae. I
have observed them rasp right over rock hugging Java moss removing the algae
with out damage to moss. They are VERY effective glass cleaners. I see no
evidence of eating any plants nor of touching tankmates.  They are about 3
inches and have grown only a little in the several months I have had them.
I don't know the scientific name of what I have. In the LFS tank, they
looked rather grayish tan with tiny light spots. After adjusting to new
home, they are dark brown with light spots. They are very shy and a little
goes a long ways. I added  just one to 92 gal tank which already had 4 SAEs.
They seem to target what SAEs don't. Tank now very algae sparse and I don't
wash windows as much.

> Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 11:29:34 -0400
> From: "Bill Pabst" <BPabst at Asha_org>
> Subject: catfish question
> Is there a good "rasper" catfish to put to work eating hard green-spot algae?
> One that doesn't get as big as the average pleco, and wont nibble too much on
> plants and tankmates.  common & scientific name, if you know it.
> thanks,
> Bill
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