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RE: American style is more individualistic

Robert Wrote:
-Well the dutch/europian way of aquascaping is a tradition that has been
-evolving for the last 100 years. Before Amano, I dont know if anyone else
-Japan or Asia aquascaped like him or not, but it certainly does show
-influence of japanese culture. In the USA, our "culture" is nothing more
-than a hodge podge, a melting pot. We borrow bits and pieces from other
-cultures and throw it all together. Its the nature of our society. We have
-diverse groups, but we all come together eventually in one way or another.
-So, the American style is more individualistic, free form...or no form at

Hi Robert, you are absolutely correct about our hodge podge culture. What
about then a liberation from the "cultural" aspect altogether? IMHO, perhaps
drawing inspiration directly from Nature herself can be a good start. As far
as (pardon my cliché)" thinking out of the box", I think American are pretty
good at that :-)