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RE: Susi's comment of Tank#3 and Tank#4

-*That's* why I didn't like it! thought it was a bit odd to have such a
-dominant centre plant, but interesting, now you've said that - shows how
-our eye is trained to the landscape effect, with a centrally receding

Hi Susi,
What we see in Tank#3 (2001 Calendar March/April) on the net is actually
only part for a much larger display. This setup was published in the
AquaJournal a few issue back. The center plant you referred to is actually
on the side. This setup is quite usual as Amano use what I interpret as
"slope" layout where the plants form a steep sloop from the top back to the
front, solidly across the entire width of the tank.  Coupling with his
photography, one almost see a "cliff" rising all the way to the top of the
water. To me, it's  a very strong layout.