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More aquascaping questions

A couple questions raised by the aquascaping in this

I've found sod forming plants like glosso and
lileopsis to be rampant 
growers once they get going but keeping the runners
from trailing 
around the
perimeter of the tank which can be a headache 
How do you go about edging the lawn. 

try using heavier than water plastic mesh or try using
shaped stainless steel mesh. This stuff comes in many
shapes inJjapan and it makes creating and pruning your
lawn easy.

The second part is the plantings among the roots in
this setup.  I see
Hydrocotyle peeking out from some of the root gaps. 
Is this plant 
from the bottom and trailing around unseen to appear
in the roots or do 
think he's positioned a pocket of substrate up in a
pocket where the
hydrocotyle is positioned so it can grow alongside the
Anubias? Again the mesh, you can shape it and create a
lot of interesting combinations using this stuff.

Check out
the site is in Japanese and will show as a lot of
gibberish instead of clear text but check out
AWAVE(down for construction right now but usually a
lot of good tank pictures)

Edward Venn
Tokyo Japan

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