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RE:RE: Amano Gallery

>>IMHO The two major "schools" of aquascape have, in large
degree deep-rooted cultural aspects. May that be the "western" sense of
beauty derive from perfect forms, or the "eastern" believe that beauty can
exist within imperfection and chaos.  I think these underlying principles
are being expressed splendidly in their respects aquascapes themes. Perhaps
we hobbyists in US, being relatively late player in the hobby, can also
summon our own cultural strengths<<

Well the dutch/europian way of aquascaping is a tradition that has been
evolving for the last 100 years. Before Amano, I dont know if anyone else in
Japan or Asia aquascaped like him or not, but it certainly does show
influence of japanese culture. In the USA, our "culture" is nothing more
than a hodge podge, a melting pot. We borrow bits and pieces from other
cultures and throw it all together. Its the nature of our society. We have
diverse groups, but we all come together eventually in one way or another.
So, the American style is more individualistic, free form...or no form at