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TV programs

Does anyone know of any aquaria-related television
shows here in the U.S.?  Like on Animal Planet?  I
wonder if there would be a market for such a progam. 
I know I would be interested.

My mother recorded a show on Japanese television (via
satellite) that was an aquascape contest.  Various
contestants were given a certain "budget" and then
made an entire aquascape in a few hours (including
gravel, filtration, etc).  Winners advanced to the
next round.  The part that sticks out in my mind the
most was when they were wandering around in the store
picking out their plants.  There was more volume than
I think any store in the US.  And it looked very good.
 Flat squares of riccia, for example. I also noticed
that the prices seemed to be a bit high.  Anyway, it
was very interesting, and the results were pretty good
given that the aquascapes were only hours old.  From
this, I take it the hobby is much bigger in Japan than
here in the U.S.


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