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Re: Amano gallery

Susi, I appreciated your comments.

>>My favourite was #2...And what is the round-leaved 
plant in the foreground, is it micranthemum

I believe you are referring to the Amano favorite,
glossostigma.  My question regarding #2 is what is the
plant in the background?  Rotala indica?  Eusteralis?

Tanks #3 and #4 demonstrate an interesting contrast. 
#3 juts out toward the viewer, all the energy is
coming forward.  #4 is the opposite as if we are in a
fast river, flowing through a canyon of green into the
distance.  Amano uses a lot of current and water
surface ripples to enhance his photos, it seems.  You
will also notice that #4 is backlit, instead of the
usual black or white/blue, and is a especially
dramatic effect, as we are pulled toward the light.

(amano gallery-> http://www.adana.co.jp/gallery.html )

And that brings up the point that the art of aquascape
is one thing, and the art of photographing aquascapes
is another.  When I got ahold of a digital camera for
a day I was very pleasantly surprised by the photos
(even though I know nothing about photography and the
camera was ~1.3 megapixels).  The photos came out
better than the tanks actually look in person, I
think.  Especially my 55gal, which at the time of the
photo was a complete disaster.  (shamless plug ->
http://home.earthlink.net/~aw692435/).  A friend of
mine that is an architect and has studied methods of
design notes that the Amano photos create illusions of
proportion/miniturization, which are very common in
eastern design.


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