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Re: Baking soda and salinity

Tom Barr said:

>Salinity is not a problem in RO like water. The small amounts used for water
>changes are very small increases in salinity. Plants are unaffected. The
>addition of some Na is actually helpful since it is used in plant physiology.
>Typically it is not a problem (too little) since tap's typically have more 
>enough but RO like waters have none.

Any idea how much salt one can safely add without affecting plants in RO-like 
water?  How would you know if you've overdone it?

I am wrestling with trying to keep highly inbred guppies alive, they seem to 
need the salt, and I have been adding about 1 teaspoon to my 25 gal a week, 
which is nowhere near enough for the fish!  So far the plants have been fine; 
I change 50% water weekly, sometimes also a 30% change mid-week, as I have fry 
in the tank and it can get a bit over if I feed too heavily.

Kind regards,

Susi Barber