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Re: CO2 death

Well, I am taking a wild guess like the others, but I
bet that the most likely scenario is that the jello
somehow managed to cover the outlet of the bottle to
the point that the draw from the filter was able to
create a siphon and got some stuff into your tank. It
may not have been red, but brown and red are pretty
similar colors. Was the "brown stuff" at all similar
in color to the liquid in the CO2 (yeast reactor)? I
never liked the idea of placing the outlets of my DIY
CO2 in running water. Call me paranoid (since most
everyone seems to use it in such a manner), but I
never killed any fish with it :-) I would guess that
you must have some crazy yeasst strain if the DIY set
up was able to make enough CO2 to kill fish. It almost
had to be the contents of the bottle IMHO.

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