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amano gallery

For those that haven't seen it yet, Amano has a
gallery of 7 tanks on his website.


His aquascapes make me appreciate being alive.

A lot of this list's content is very technical. 
Mastering the techniques/chemistry that allow for a
healthy beautiful plant tank.  As the hobby matures, I
think we will/should gravitate towards the subject of
aquascape as art.  We appreciate/critique art, and
offer ideas on what makes good art.

It reminds me of the reef hobby.  A lot of technical
discoveries.  Really amazing things.  Ok, so now we
can keep coral.  What's next?  Most reef tanks use the
"wall of coral" method, seemingly randomly placing
different species across the view.

I think planted aquaria have so much more potential,
because we approximate the natural environment better.
 I think we evoke more emotion, we are more sublime. 
(not that I want to get into a reef vs. planted

So for the above reasons I really appreciate what the
aquatic-gardeners association has done.  We need more
of that.

If you take a look at the Amano gallery, be sure to
notice the 5th one.  Very interesting use of
terracing/rock to create an outcropping.  The sand
below echoes of traditional Japanese gardens.  I think
this breaks new ground, as I have never seen a tank
like it.  

So if people are inclined, I wouldn't mind seeing some
critiques of aquascapes (such as Amano's at the above
link) from the good people on this list.


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