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Buying a tank, need help


I tried to send this last night but I guess it did not
go through.

I went to several pet stores this weekend looking for
a 75 gallon tank.  I really thought I would make the
purchase this weekend but got enough confusing advice
I thought I would ask for some help.  I already have
the stand.  

One store suggested Perfecto because they offer a 20
year warranty while Oceanic only offers a warranty if
you put the tank on one of their stands.

One owner said Oceanic are the best and the trim looks
much nicer while at another store someone said most of
the problems he sees (tank leaking) are Oceanic tanks.

Another person told me that if I wanted to know what
tanks to buy look at what 95% of stores carry and this
is All Glass and Natures View.

I could go on and on but you get the point. I left
feeling confused.  

I did notice that the Nature View only came in a 70
gallon and had thinner glass than the 75 gallon
Oceanic.  I do like the 20 year warranty of the
Perfecto but I'm not sure how much I should worry.  I
didn't see too much of a difference in the trim. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I would like to
have this tank for a long time. And I am looking at
glass tanks. Just some helpful suggestions would be
nice.  I want to get a quality tank.  Some did look
pretty cheap.



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