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Re: C02 fish fatality

Sorry to hear about your fish... it is hard to lose
one you've grown for so long.  For what it's worth,
your cautionary tale struck a nerve with me, and may
with others... so to that small extent the death of
your fish may help prevent the deaths of other fish,
and the disappointment of other fishkeepers, in the

I've been hoping to try DIY CO2 sometime, but the more
I read reports like yours, the more I feel it is like
playing with a loaded gun.  I'm not sure what an
absolute safety measure would be... perhaps a liquid
trap bottle with twice (?) the volume of the yeast
bottle, interposed between the yeast bottle and the
tank?  In light of your story I can't see trying CO2
without this or another safety measure.

As to what caused the boil-over, I'm clueless.  Could
you rack your brain and think of anything, anything
that was changed, anything that was done, in or around
the tank the day before the accident, even seemingly


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