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> Hey Tom:
> Do you have any guidelines as to how much baking soda (especially) &
> Equilibrium to add?  I realize that you don't have any direct experience
> with Portland water but any little bit helps :-))  Hopefully, from now on,
> I'll only have to treat new water at water changes.
> TIA!
> Ming

Due to preciptation/uptake/differing tank volumes etc ... test kits, which
are very cheap and almost every plant folk has anyhow, I just test to see
what I need for a couple of water changes then leave it at that level pretty
much from then on. You can do by changing and measuring how much water you
remove then assuming that your tap has no GH/KH etc and add it to get a
molar concentration by estimations of MW's and water volumes if you wish.
Easier for me and most folks to just test it.
Tom Barr