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Hygro Difformis Weird leaves....

I checked the archives and only found "vague" references to this....

My h. Difformis is growing small, narrow, curly leaves. My tank at work has
beautiful h. Difformis. Long, wide green leaves (cuttings from tank listed
below). Any ideas?

55g tank
Ca = ~80ppm,
Mg = ~80ppm,
NO3 = 0ppm (~3-5ppm is added daily, gone by morning)
K2 (~3-5ppm added daily)
PO4 = 0ppm (~'wee bit' (see Steve's page) added daily)
KH = 3dh, pH ~6.8-7.0 (~10-15ppm CO2)
2x55w 5K PC, 2x55w 6.5K PC
TMG added 5 ml once per week
Substrate is Fluorite.