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Re: C02 fish fatality

Well, I'm sorry to report that I lost my 7" bala shark
yesterday that I've had for 8+ years and my 2" SAE
because of a C02 accident.  I know how, what, where
and when but am not sure why, so perhaps someone has
experienced this and can give me their thoughts so
that I can prevent this horrible thing from happening

I am using DIY C02, with jello, fed into a filter. 
I've used this many times before and this particular
bottle had been bubbling successfully for over a week,
with no problem.  For a reason I can't understand, it
suddenly bubbled over into the tank sometime during
the night.  Although there was red jello residue
throughout the whole air line, the tank had very
slight brownish residue, with no sign of red.  Upon
waking I found my fish dead.

So my question is, why would it suddenly after a week
bubble over like this?  Second question is, my shark,
which had to have been the hardiest fish I have ever
had died, but all my otos were fine, and they seem to
be the most fragile fish I have ever owned.  Would it
be a size issue, an oxygen issue?

I've since pumped my tank a couple of times, added
oxygen and carbon, and things are clearing.  

I feel like a bad mother.

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