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Re: Removing glue

I have very successfully used peanut butter to remove
glue residue many times.  I am very concerned about
using any chemicals in food preparation or animal
areas of my home, and although I've tried them all,
its usually only as a last resort.  I haven't tried
peanut butter on plexiglass but have used it many
times on kitchenware when the label doesn't peel off
all the way or leaves that sticky residue that soap
and hot water won't remove.  Just make sure it's not
the crunchy variety or coarse because it will scratch.
 It takes some elbow grease, but it's a soap and water
cleanup and it's non-toxic.

>> I am having a difficult time removing the paper
> covering of a piece of plexiglass I have.  I don't
> recall having this problem before.  It will not peel
> off, but rather breaks as you try to pull it.
> Removing all of the stuff this way would take hours.
> Any suggestions?  I am soaking it in water right
now.>> Arthur

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