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What kind of waterlilies do you have? Sizes, variety,
root type etc. would be helpful. I used to keep
several ponds full of various varieties and I can read
Kanji (so I'd know what the instructions say)

Basically I planted my lilies in a plastic mesh tub
about  30cm deep and 50cm wide in about 1/2-1m of
water. My soil mixture varied with what was available
ie: stone/gravel from a jade quarry, poor quality clay
and used gravel from my aquariums. All plantings were
successful. I made it a habit to pull up the lotus
roots every fall and thin them out (very delicious
BTW) and any tubers less than 15cm long were replanted
in the pots, the other bulbous lilies were cut early
in March just as the eyes were showing.

I hope this helps.

Tokyo Japan

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