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Re: anacharis the (green water) algae killer?

Ed in Monterey wrote:

Sorry Norb's not here for *this* rejoinder, but I too
have to credit a lush growth of Egeria Densa, at least
partially, for the gradual disappearance of green
water from my tank.

About a month ago I received a stem of anacharis (egeria densa) included in
the bag of a shipment of shrimp from AAG. I let it float a week or so before
deciding to stick in the substrate, just to see what it might do.
Coincidentally, a malingering green water episode bloomed again. The single
stem is now several, and over the last 3 days the green water cleared. Today
it's gone without my having done anything different in my maintenance
routine. I'm not saying it's the anacharis that did it, just adding another
data point of experience. It's mostly a sword tank with h. difformis as the
'fast grower' of choice. (90 gallon, 3 watts/gallon PC, PMDD, CO2)

Austin, Texas