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Re: : heating cable duration

I think your basic problem is using a heater in Singapore.  It doesn't look 
like you've got the tank in an air conditioned room.  Given that your 
ambient air temperature is going to be around 26 to 28C (approx. 80F), I 
don't know how you can use a heater at all.  I think a chiller might work 
better . . .!  :-))

More seriously, I've never been able to figure out the premise underlying 
(pun intended!) substrate cable heaters.  If it's to create a temperature 
differential between the substrate and the water column, there already is 
one:  the substrate is typically colder than the heated water column, at 
least in temperate countries when it's not summer.  If it's just to heat 
roots . . . well, you don't need to in Singapore.
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