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Re: heating cable duration

>after installing my heating cables, i find the temperature of the tank to
>be a constant 32 (90F) during both the day and night . . .
>is there supposed to be a stipulated heating period of the heating cable,
>or are they meant to be on all the time?
>my temperature was 29~30 before the cables were used . . .

The goal is normally to have the cables on for as large a percentage of 
time as possible each day. This is normally done by either using a 
small-ish cable that runs all day, using a timer to cycle the cable 
(perhaps less while lights are on due to the additional heat from the 
lights), or a controller to maintain a preset temperature. That was in the 
order of cheapest-to-most expensive. The timer idea works OK when using a 
timer with a lot of on/off set points for a day. Maybe a timer that runs it 
on and then off for an hour each cycling all day? Just play with the 
setting until it stays on as much as possible without heating your tank too 

The best way is probably with a controller to allow you to set a 
temperature. This will make sure that your cables are on at every chance 
they can be on, and will also ensure that your tank never gets too hot.