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?Contact me off list Please? Amano's store?

I have tried to e-mail Amano's store (ADA) in Japan a couple of  times.   I
don't think they responded to my first request or two and after my second or
third request (a few months later) they referred me to their European
distributor in Italy who they said handles their US sales.  I contacted the
European guys about purchasing a bunch of stuff.  I particularly liked their
74 gram CO2 cartridges and holders for a location where I did not have room
for a larger cylinder, some of their CO2 fittings (looked pretty good for
distributed system to many tanks) and they had some 2-3 mm colored gravel I
liked.  The European distributor seemed liked thy were going to sell me some
stuff then did not respond to my last e-mail to them.  It contained a list
of specific items with their part numbers I told them I was ready to buy.
At their suggestion, I e-mailed to ask about current inventory and how they
could ship.  Never heard anything again.

Before any of you think I'm totally nuts about the gravel thing, I know you
can spend a few bucks for 50 lbs of filter or sandblasting sand, or a whole
bunch for the pretty stuff :).  It's just that in a couple of my tanks the
filter sand is the wrong color for the rest of the room they are in (it
might as well be hot pink - stands out about the same).  For what it cost to
decorate those two rooms plus what the tanks cost I figured what the heck.

Anyway, I'll put the ADA links below.  If any of you can get them to respond
let me know.  At this point I would still like to buy some gravel and maybe
a couple of the CO2 cartridge hangers.  If you are after any of the CO2
stuff, I have found much cheaper sources for the Amano adjustable regulator,
cartridges and fittings.  That is most of the CO2 stuff he offers except the
forest scented CO2 cartridges and the on-the-tank hanger.  Funny, a lot of
it appears to be made here in the US.  If anyone is interested I would be
glad to post the source info.

http://www.adana.co.jp/ - Amano Design in Japan
Site has been redesigned since I was last there.  English link takes you
directly to ADA Europe and there is a shopping link I found but it's all in
Japanese.  However, the link for English support is on top of the first
page, not buried several layers down as I found it before.  Perhaps they are
trying to do something again.

http://www.adaeurope.com/home.html - Amano Design in Europe (Italy
Still appears active but does not tell you much.

http://www.aquagoods.com/  - English (maybe US) sales site for Amano Design
in Europe (Italy)
Used to show shop capability.  Now I get a parse error message on Shop and

http://www.adana.co.jp/ENG/ADA_e.html Amano Design English website
A formerly active link that I think ADA Japan ran.  I would guess that they
probably stopped supporting it when their relationship with their former US
distributor ended.  That was long before I got back into the hobby so I do
not know for sure.  It used to indicate it was inactive and referred you to
ADA Japan or Europe - I cannot remember for sure.

It now says:  "Wait a second, or crick here!"   then forwards you to the ADA
Europe site

I guess everyone's a comedian..  :))