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Re: Metal nuts in the tank

I doubt that two steel nuts will hurt much in a large tank, but if you want
to get them out attach a canning wand or other magnet to the end of a wooden
dowel and systematically probe the tank. Barring that, Novaqua and similar
products supposedly remove some toxic metals. Maybe squirt a bunch of that
in just before you leave.

Dan Dixon

> From: "Rod Hanks" <rodchanks at hotmail_com>
> Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 11:07:04 -0500
> Subject: Metal nuts in the tank
> While replacing a fan, I managed to drop two #6 nuts into the tank.
> This tank is full of plants, 2 feet deep, and has a sand and fine
> soil substrate.  The nuts are gone.  I'll never find them.
> These were regular hardware item bright finish nuts, probably some
> kind of steel with a zinc coating.  How worried should I be about
> metal toxicity?  Is there anything I can add to the tank to make it
> safer?
> To make matters worse, in a few days I am leaving for a week and a
> half, so if things go south there won't be anybody to take emergency
> action.
> Thanks,
> Rod