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Re: Soft water-GH/KH

> Tom wrote:
>> CO2 is good after the GH/KH level off but what of the time in between when
>> you add it and when it finally stabilizes? And the hassle? I'd use baking
>> soda and something separate for GH.
> I hear you.  I'm loath to use CaCO3 again.  I would certainly be reluctant
> to use it when I have fish in the tank (yes, I understand many fish come
> from murky waters with lots of suspended particulates, but I'm still
> reluctant).  Next water change, I'll try the baking soda/Equilibrium trick.

No trick(s) involved:) Just several years of pain for a number of folks with
the same darn RO like waters. I learned much of it from them. They are the
ones to thank. Soft RO like water is not that good in many ways. I'll keep
my liquid rock any day. The measurements are easier than other methods for
hitting an repeatable range each time also. So that way your not having to
test each time:) I'll test the KH after but I'll leave the GH alone as it's
relatively unimportant as long as SOME is in there(Ca and Mg) in decent
amounts. The Baking soda will dissolve fast so it's not that hard to do/deal
with.  Maybe I should sell my tap water. It's GH is 24. I could bottle it:)
Tom Barr