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Seachem Flourish Excel????

Is anyone using this product?

I'm thinking about trying this stuff in my Eclipse 6 here at the office.  It
has no plants and I wasn't going to try any due to no CO2 and relatively
poor lighting.  I also have problems with this tank running at 80 degrees.
Too warm I think for tetras and a cory.  It also has this weird dark
brown/black slime that resembles BGA except it tends to form more solid

Can anyone suggest a low-maintenance plant for warm water temps?  (I don't
want to have to trim stem plants or rip up something that grows on a runner,
like crypt balansae).

From http://www.seachem.com/fresh.html#excel

Flourish Excel™ is a simple source of readily available organic carbon. All
plants require a source of carbon. This is typically obtained from CO2, but,
may also be obtained via relatively simple organic compounds (such as
photosynthetic intermediates). Since both processes occur simultaneously one
can derive a substantial benefit with the use of Flourish Excel™ either
alone or in conjunction with CO2 injection. Flourish Excel™ also has iron
reducing properties which promote the ferrous state of iron (Fe+2), which is
more easily utilized by plants than ferric iron (Fe+3). Flourish Excel™ is
recommended for use with the entire family of Flourish™ products as well as
our gravel, Flourite™, our GH builder, Equilibrium™, and our non-phosphate
buffers, Acid Buffer™ & Alkaline Buffer™. 250 mL will treat 50 gallons for
1-2 months.


Kelly Beard
PBB TransIT, Corp.
(615) 986-1911