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RE: Adding GH/KH

> Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 11:18:29 -0700
> From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
> Subject: Re: Adding GH/KH
> Try adding Baking soda with SeaChem's equilibrium to yield a GH/KH 4 to 5.

Just remember to power up the jackhammer to get the Equilibrium out!  I also
use a mortar & pestle to grind the chunks up to a nice powdery consistency.
I also use Alkaline Buffer.

> hours or less compared to a couple of days. Also added are some
> other traces
> and macro's like K+, Mg in SeaChem's EQ.
> >

Equilibrium will cloud the tank for a few hours, but is great stuff.  If you
use it per the directions, you'll see a .6 level of iron, but I have no
problems with algae.