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plexiglass update

Recently I had some issues getting the paper off a
piece of plexiglass that was given to me.  What I
finally ended up doing was using kerosene to dissolve
the glue.  It came off easily after that.  Thanks to
everyone for their suggestions.

And yes, I am using the plexiglass as a tank cover. 
The plexiglass is under a hood, and there is approx.
3in clearance between the bulbs and plexiglass.  I am
not exactly sure what problems warpage would cause,
other than some very minor (if any) decrease in light
transmission due to refraction.  Additionally,
plexiglass is easier to manipulate and less likely to
break than glass.  Plus it was free.  :)  And I am
guessing that the statement "plexiglass shouldn't be
anywhere near water" (paraphrased) can't be true in
all cases, as it used all the time, as everyone knows.

And if anyone would like Amano's store's address, I
have it.  Email me off list...  :) (sorry, couldn't
help myself).


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