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RE: Nymphaea lotus "bulbs"

>Recently I received two Nymphaea lotus "bulbs" which soon began producing
>numerous plantlets.  As each plantlet achieves 7 or 8 leaves, and a nice
>root growth, I remove it from the "bulb" and replant them in my other
>tanks.  At this point I have 6 beautiful plants from these two bulbs, and
>the original bulbs are still producing new plantlets.  My questions to the
>group are:  (1) will these new plants once remove from the "mother bulb"
>begin to produce their own bulb?  (2) If so how long will this take?  (3)
>Is it necessary for the plant to flower for new "bulb" formation?  I have
>been removing all floating leaves before they reach the surface to promote
>more submerged leaves.  Any information would be greatly appreciated

Sorry Dan, wish I could answer your questions. 
I didn't know you could remove the growth from the bulb. How do you do it?