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Re: Adding GH/KH

> I have a terrible time matching pH color to the color chart.  So that is
> probably one source of error.  Other potential sources?  Well, I have added
> 3 things to the water:  the aforementioned 2 tsps of CaCO3 powder; 4 tsps of
> crushed coral that's sitting in my canister filter; and 5 ml of TMG.  But
> that's it.

Try adding Baking soda with SeaChem's equilibrium to yield a GH/KH 4 to 5.
Have your pH at 6.6 to 6.8. You'll find it much more stable than CaCO3 and
much faster/easier to hit what range you want.  You can use CaCO3 if you
wish but it does take awhile for it to dissolve. No Mg either. A couple of
hours or less compared to a couple of days. Also added are some other traces
and macro's like K+, Mg in SeaChem's EQ.
> Currently, after two days, the tank is clear and no powder is visible.  KH
> is 3.5 deg, GH is same, and pH (with CO2 added) is 6.2/6.4 (my external
> reactor seems very efficient; I'm only adding approx. 1 bubble every 3
> secs).

 CO2 is good after the GH/KH level off but what of the time in between when
you add it and when it finally stabilizes? And the hassle? I'd use baking
soda and something separate for GH. Many folks in the SF bay have similar
tap waters(little to no GH/KH) and they have used this as I have on a few
folk's tanks in the area over a long time period (years now) with excellent
results. Bottom line is that you'll have a nicer tank using this method and
an easier time doing it.
Tom Barr