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Re: White Christmas in My Tank

Dennis wrote:
><<This morning the water has cleared and the CaCO3 partially dissolved and 
>partially settled.  The tank looks either (and take your pick) like someone 
>had split a whole bunch of blow into it, or a twisted aquascaper's idea of 
>a winter wonderland with tropical plants.  Everything is coated in a thin 
>white powder like (here another one!) a made up geisha.  Okay, I 
>exaggerate, but its powdery out there!  pH is over 8.0 and KH between 1-2 
>deg.  I figure KH will keep rising as the CaCo3 dissolves.  To counteract 
>the pH, I've turned on the CO2.>>

>I personly think something might be wrong with your readings.

Interesting point.  I do nothing to get soft water.  It comes that way from 
the tap.  (I'm in Portland, OR where the water supply is snow melt from the 
Cascades).  Both KH and GK of the tap water are unmeasurable; the very first 
titrated drop gives the end point color.  I use the Tetra kit.

I have a terrible time matching pH color to the color chart.  So that is 
probably one source of error.  Other potential sources?  Well, I have added 
3 things to the water:  the aforementioned 2 tsps of CaCO3 powder; 4 tsps of 
crushed coral that's sitting in my canister filter; and 5 ml of TMG.  But 
that's it.

Currently, after two days, the tank is clear and no powder is visible.  KH 
is 3.5 deg, GH is same, and pH (with CO2 added) is 6.2/6.4 (my external 
reactor seems very efficient; I'm only adding approx. 1 bubble every 3 

Any thoughts?

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