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Re: plexiglass

As a tank covering, plexiglass will never work.  Give it up.  The side
toward the water absorbs humidity and expands, leading to upward curling.  
You can sort of handle the problem by turning it over and
exposing the other side every day, if your design allows this, but it is
a huge hassle.  Plexiglass just isn't a good material to use around


>And while we're on the subject of plexiglass,am I the only one to 
>experience warpage?I have clear plexi filler strips I built to go where the 
>black plastic strip(which you trim for filter hoses,heater cords,etc) 
>originally went on my glass top.After several days,each end of the 
>~23.5"long x 2" wide strip was .25" off the glass.Here's my theory:I 
>believe this has something to do with plexi being hygroscopic.....the side 
>facing the water absorbs moisture,the difference in moisture content on the 
>two surfaces causing the warpage. Now,several weeks later,it seems to have 
>flattened out for the most part,but I only just finished the strip for the 
>other half of the 90gal last night,so we'll see how this one behaves :)
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