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Re: Water Lily Question

Dennis8425 at aol_com wrotw:
> Subject: Water Lily Question
> With this being the beginning of the pond season in the northern part
> of the US I had gotten in some Pond Lilies from Japan.  Unfortunatly the
> planting instructions were listed in there native language which I cannot 
> read.
> Can anyone help me with how far apart and how deep in the water the
> pond lilies should be planted?

At least 10" deep, all the way to 24-30". Plant them a foot or more 
apart so they can divide. Plant in a shallow, wide container vs. a 
deeper, smaller diameter. At least 6 hours full sun, preferrably 
more. Fertilize with pondtabs every month or so during the growing 

Jamie    <"\\\><  Aquatic plants, water chemistry, and cichlids