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Re: MTS shells

Daphne wrote:
Beverly,  How many shells did you find?  A shell or
two and they could have just died of natural causes, a
bunch and you may have the same problem 
I had. And yes, once it is dead the shells dissolve. 
Or mine do at least.  If you only lost one or two,
ignore the rest of the message and have a nice
Thanks for the info...I did only find one like that
but I have seen a couple of living ones with whitish
shells.  The pH is good, as is the hardness.  I did
remove some gravel about three weeks ago and found
quite a few babies, so maybe everything is ok and it
was just one.  The shell I found was a very large one,
so I will hope it was old age and he/she had a happy
long life.

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