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MTS shells

Beverly,  How many shells did you find?  A shell or two and they could have
just died of natural causes, a bunch and you may have the same problem I
had. And yes, once it is dead the shells dissolve.  Or mine do at least.  If
you only lost one or two, ignore the rest of the message and have a nice

I had a similar problem except the shells starting turning white before
death and suddenly I had a bunch of dead snails. No calcium, no hardness, pH
crash, dead fish and snails.  Not everyone died strangely enough.  My
Hypancistris zebra (pleco) was fine as was a couple of cardinal tetras,
SAE's and some ottos.  I was calcium deficient and my pH had crashed due to
the 0 hardness (both GH and KH) in my tank.  I added a small mesh bag of
crushed coral into tank and started adding very small amounts of Seachem
Equilibrium and Alkaline Buffer.  DON'T add what it says on label initially.
This stuff is potent.  Add very small amounts slowly and monitor your
levels.  Also monitor your pH as it will rise as well.  You may require what
it says on label but I didn't.  Hardness readings kept dropping back to 0
every day, after weeks of this I finally got it stabilized and don't have to
add it every day and the coral helps hold it as well.  But then again, you
may have just had a snail die and your tank is fine.  Drag out those handy,
dandy test kits if you've lost many.  Good luck.

By the way, my tank is fine now but the very end tips of the MTS's are still
white.  Wonder how long it takes to rebuild them?

Daphne in Hotlanta