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Re: Key lime moneywort?

> I recently purchased a plant from my LFS that I cannot id.  Here's the
> description:
> Key Lime Moneywort:
> stem plant
> 10-12 in. tall
> round leaves in an opposite pattern
> pale green in color
> Any ideas?

Try Bacopa lanigera(Baensch vol 2 and Teepot). The veins are not that
pronounced in some tanks. You should still see some white vein traces. Often
looks very white and pale color and has a "furry" stem. Excellent contrast
plant but has high light requirement and should not be crowded or it will
lose leaves. Should have a purple flower. It will show veins when happy and
can grow fast as well. Most folks have trouble with it. Very "light" plant
that will float easy if not well planted in gravel.
Tom Barr