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Cu level in Trace Mix.

Hi people
I didn't want to ask something that has been asked previously but from
the APD archives there doesn't seem to be a consenus on the matter; what
is an acceptable amount of Cu (copper) in a trace element mix for use in
a tank? Several people including Chuck Gadd appear to use Microplex
which has Cu 1.5% but (please correct me if I'm wrong) Karen Randall
said even with water changes unknown levels of Cu could rise to toxic
levels harming plants and fish. The mix available to me which isn't
chelated (is that a problem?) has the following analysis by weight: Fe
as Sulphate 12.0%, Mn as Sulphate 3.11%, Zn as Sulphate 1.1, Cu as
Sulphate .50% , Mo as Molybdate 0.04%, B as Borax 0.10 %, Ca as Gypsum
3.5%, Mg as Carbonate 2.5%, S as Sulphate 15.0%. I've just started
adding Pottasium Nitrate after getting tests and finding out my nitrates
were nil and my phosphates were at 1ppm (good green growth now) and have
just gotten some Sulphate of Potash so the only other thing I need is
the mix. If there is no consensus out there does anyone have any
recommendations for dosing and water changing with this mix? (33
gallons, 120 watt fluro, diy Co2 10litres changed weekly).
Thanks Damian.