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Re: suggestions for CO2 for the mechanically inept?

Hi Catherine:

I just a got a full outfit (sans solenoid) from m3, consisting of regulator, 
needle valve (the $19 one) and a $75 external reactor, for a total of $175.  
From my test runs (I'm not implementing full time until I sucessfully get my 
KH up; right now its between 0 and 1 deg), the whole setup works great and I 
have no regrets.  You can go cheaper if you opt for a cheaper 
reactor/diffusor.  I believe [Redacted] sells the eheim diffusor 
for $15.

Dave Gomberg also sells a entire setup.  And today, I found out he sells 
needle valves as well.  Wish I had known.  Oh, well!

Also Dwight at Aquarium Driftwood and others.  All in all, you have an 
embarrassment of choices.

The tough part is child proofing.  I don't know what to tell you except to 
train your 2 year old if you cannot lock up the whole contraption.  I have a 
3 1/2 year old and a CO2 tank that sits exposed.  Derek knows he isn't to 
touch it (or the expose glowing tubes on my retro stereo), and so far so 

Hope this helps!

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