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Re: Frogbit, how to have it and other plants live

Sylvia on this list kindly gave me some frogbit (among other things, thanks 
Sylvia!), and I just love the way the roots sway in the current.  The fish 
also seem to really like it, spending a lot of time in the roots.  I also 
like how it collects all floating leaves/detritus in the tank in one 
convenient place for easy removal.  And it is obviously a fast grower, which 
is part of my problem.

The frogbit collects in one area of the tank and I worry that the plants 
below them are not getting enough light any more.  How much of the tank do 
you let it take over before you cull some out? Also since the frogbit is so 
close to the light, it seems to be getting a bit of sunburn (dark brown 
spots).  Another thing -- there are teeny tiny flea-like bugs sitting on top 
of the frogbit, what are they, and are they harmful?

Also, my tank used to bubble like crazy, especially when I did a water 
change, and now it doesn't at all -- is this due to the frogbit, or more 
likely some other reason?  All the plants seem to be doing pretty well, or at 
least nothing is rotting or dying at the moment (my definition of success -- 

Thanks in advance for advice on how to live with this wonderful plant,