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Re: suggestions for CO2 for the mechanically inept?

Okay, I admire all you folks who do DIY CO2 bottles for years on end, but I 
am already frustrated with it after about four months -- too much fluctuation 
in CO2 levels, and a lot to remember to check (for someone who has trouble 
remembering to take a once a day vitamin).  To be real honest, I have always 
ignored the posts when y'all start talking about needle valves and ballast 
and such -- I skim, think "oh, that's way over my head," and move on to 
something I can understand!  :o)

Anyhoo, my birthday is coming up, and I can't think of anything I want more 
than to be rid of making up sugar and yeast bottles every time I turn around. 
 I understand the part about finding a bottle of CO2 locally, but am 
intimidated by the rest.  Can someone hold my hand through all this technical 
stuff?  Who sells it all put together so I don't have to build it myself, and 
who has the best prices?

One other question that is important to me is how to make this CHILDPROOF.  I 
have a two year old -- need I say more?  I don't have to worry about her 
messing with yeast bottles, but the other type makes childproofing a 
necessity.  My tank stand is open on the bottom, so I can't just put in a 
child proof latch on the door.

Thanks in advance,