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Loving your BGA to Death

     Till last night, I had a BGA problem in a 55 gal. fish tank I maintain 
for my wife.  She has a large cichlid which tore up all the java fern, and 
shortly there after the tank was covered with large slimy colonies of the 
stuff.  Yesterday I found an e-mail from the archives from someone who fed 
his snails extra food (composted dried liver I believe), the tank thrived 
and the BGA died off.  I had tried floating water fern, but the plants grew 
too huge both below and above water and had to be pulled out, and the BGA 
just grew all over them.  Last weekend I placed several water hyacinths and 
water lettuce in the tank which the BGA just sneered at, covering the 
suspended roots in slimy coats.  So after reading that e-mail, I returned 
home last night, mixed up a dilute batch of Epiphytes Delight fertilizer 
(one designed for bromeliads & orchids containing the major and minor 
nutrients), and poured some in the tank.  By the time dinner was finished, 
you could see the BGA disappearing from the tank!  I feel like the hero in 
a bad scifi movie after slaying The Blob!  I guess I'll just have to start 
feeding my wife's fish a lot more food!  Perhaps I should stop calling it 
my wife's tank too. ;-)
Happy growing everyone!
John Phillips