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Re: Micro Valves

At 03:48 AM 5/11/01 -0400,  BErney1014 at aol_com asked:
>Subject: micro valves
>I have a new co2 system and I think I need to build a gang valve system. I
>don't want a series of regulators and bottles.
>How many valves can run off one 5 lb bottle?

As many as you want.  Figure each tank will use 1-2# of CO2 per year 
(unless it is a very large tank).

>  I'm guessing a nightmare
>balancing bubbles with too many diffusers off one line. I assume it's all a
>balancing act with the valves and regulator?

Yes.  This is one place a very high quality valve will shine.

>I could use some suggestions on needle valves too. I'm looking at Nupro micro
>needle with a cv of .007 but I don't know their costs.

The Fabco NV-55 is my choice for by far the best price performer.  I sell 
them for $25 at:


but you can get them a bit cheaper from your favorite pneumatic control 
company.  Sadly, Fabco refuses to let their dealers sell nationwide, so you 
need to find someone local to you.

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